South Carolina’s Distracted Driving Laws: Consequences for Auto Accident Claims

Our attorneys are dedicated to standing up for auto accident victims and making sure they get the justice and money they are owed. Like many other jurisdictions, South Carolina has seen a rise in accidents as a result of distracted driving being a common problem on the highways. In this blog post, we examine South Carolina’s regulations against distracted driving and consider how they might impact instances involving auto accidents.

Auto Accident

Understand South Carolina’s laws on distracted driving:

1. Restriction Against Texting and Driving: According to South Carolina law, it is illegal for any driver to text and drive. Writing, sending, and reading emails and texts fall under this category. There are fines and record points for breaking this law for drivers.

2. Teenage Drivers and Cell Phones: Unless there is an emergency, it is against the law for young drivers under the age of 18 to use any kind of wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle. This includes utilizing hands-free gadgets and making phone calls.

3. School Zones and Work Zones: It is against the law for any driver to use a portable device in a school or work zone. This is an attempt to improve safety in areas where there is a greater risk to pedestrians and construction workers.

Consequences for Auto Accident Cases:

1. Determining liability: In cases involving auto accidents, rules prohibiting distracted driving are essential to proving fault. Your case may be strengthened if the at-fault driver violated the ban on texting and driving. This would be evidence of their negligence.

2. Evidence Preservation: Our legal team’s comprehension of the regulations pertaining to distracted driving enables them to efficiently collect and maintain evidence concerning the conduct of the negligent driver. Getting phone records, eyewitness reports, and other paperwork may be part of this.

3. Liability and Insurance Claims: Liability decisions and insurance claims may be affected if it is established that the distracted driver’s conduct caused the collision. The victim may be entitled to reimbursement for lost wages, medical costs, and property damage from the at-fault driver.

4. Criminal Consequences: Drivers who violate distracted driving regulations may also be subject to criminal charges in addition to civil penalties. Our legal staff maintains up-to-date knowledge of both civil and criminal law to offer thorough representation.

How The David W. Martin Law Group Can Help:

1. Comprehensive Case Evaluation: To determine if distracted driving contributed to your vehicle accident, our legal team thoroughly examines the circumstances surrounding the incident.

2. Collecting Evidence: We make a concerted effort to collect any supporting documents for your claims, such as phone logs and witness statements.

3. Legal Planning and Discussion: Equipped with an extensive comprehension of the regulations pertaining to distracted driving, we formulate a customized legal plan for your situation. To get a fair settlement, this can involve negotiating with the at-fault party’s insurance provider.

4. Court Representation: To ensure that your rights are upheld, and justice is carried out, our skilled attorneys, if needed, offer relentless representation in court.

Everybody on the road is seriously at risk from distracted driving, and victims of these tragedies should receive justice. The David W. Martin Law Group is here to assist you if you were in an automobile accident in South Carolina because of another person’s distracted driving. Make an appointment for a consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys and let them help you navigate the legal system while fighting for the settlement you are entitled to.


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